Gaz et huile de schiste France
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Question about shale gas in France

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Question about shale gas in France Empty Question about shale gas in France

Message  lukasz.n Mer 25 Jan 2012 - 17:38

Hello friends,

Please forgive me that I don't use French language but unfortunately I don't speak it at all. I'm a Polish PhD to be and I'm working on hydraulic fracturing and its impact to the environment. I must say that I'm a bit concerned by the fact that some people perceive shale gas as a blessing not seeing many dangers connected with its exploration. I'm writing here because I read somewhere that in France you have something like National Coordination Center that knows a lot about the issue of shale gas and could provide me with information that I could use in my workshop. I would be very grateful for some detailed information because so far I couldn't find it in the Net. Many thanks and best wishes from Poland. Lukasz


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